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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Abramovich strikes deal with UK Government regarding Chelsea sale

  Boost for Chelsea as Roman Abramovich and the UK Government reportedly find agreement for club’s sale According to Daily Telegraph (S...


Boost for Chelsea as Roman Abramovich and the UK Government reportedly find agreement for club’s sale According to Daily Telegraph (Subscription Required) (h/t Daily Mail), Chelsea are in for a major boost after club owner Roman Abramovich and the UK Government have supposedly found an agreement to proceed with the sale of Chelsea.

The Russian businessman has apparently managed to get through to the Government and will get to sell the club amidst the numerous sanctions placed on him recently. The Government believes that a quick sale of the London-based outfit is the best outcome for Chelsea and its fans.

However, to enable the sale to go through, Abramovich will have to agree to write off over £1.5billion without receiving any profits from the sale. Apparently, the Russian has agreed to this, instructing the Raine group to keep the process going and finding an ideal buyer to complete the takeover.

The deadline for the first bid from the prospective buyers has been set to the end of next week, pushed back from Tuesday and the Raine group will be hoping to attract bidders by then. Despite the positive news for the Blues, Telegraph warns the Blues that all is not sorted yet and there still could be hurdles in the process that may delay the takeover.

Newfound optimism for the Blues?

After so much uncertainty about the club’s fate over the past few weeks, Blues fans can finally be relieved that the future of their club could be sorted out very soon. Abramovich’s glorious reign at the helm of Chelsea is coming to a very sudden end, and Stamford Bridge is about to embark on a new era. Roman Abramovich could sell Chelsea despite sanctions.

Tuchel and his team may also breathe easy after so much confusion over player futures and uncertainty surrounding the club which could affect the game. If the takeover goes through as soon as possible, the noise surrounding Stamford Bridge will gradually go down, and the Blues can continue focusing on football and fighting for titles.

If the transition in ownership goes through smoothly, it would also see the club resume functioning in a normal way. But for that, it seems the club would have to cut all ties with their Russian owner.

It is incredibly generous on Abramovich’s part if he does agree to meet the conditions for selling the club. While his supposed ties with Vladimir Putin continue to raise questions, it is undeniable that Chelsea wouldn’t have been the same club without him.

The suspense regarding who the new owners of Chelsea would be could end soon. At least the future of the club may no longer be in doubt if the sale of the club goes as expected. We will surely hear more regarding this in the coming days, if not hours.

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