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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Chelsea sale: Nick Candy's consortium partner breaks silence amid brutal Blues takeover decision

  South Korean football agent and Nick Candy's consortium partner Catalina Kim has released a statement amid the Raine Group's im...


South Korean football agent and Nick Candy's consortium partner Catalina Kim has released a statement amid the Raine Group's imminent decision regarding Chelsea's new owners. With bids for the Roman Abramovich ran club now in and being dealt with by the Raine Group , all the players like the supporters are anxiously and eagerly anticipating the final decision which could still be someway off yet.

The likes of Todd Boehly's consortium, the Ricketts Family's collaboration with Ken Griffin, and Candy are the so called front runners in the race but don't rule out the likes of the Saudi Media Group yet amongst a few others who could make the 3-4 consortia shortlist which could be released anytime soon.

Whilst no official shortlist has been announced as of yet, Kim has seemingly suggested in a statement on Instagram that her and Candy's bid to buy Chelsea has been unsuccessful. This has not yet been confirmed by Candy himself. The statement released on Instagram account , when translated from Korean to English, reads:

"In European football, football is power. Becoming a club owner is not just a job you can do with money. "I also had 10 years of experience before taking on the acquisition project, so I had to make all the connections with the British government, FA, league secretariat, law firm, consulting, chaebol personnel, agents, leaders, and players. I went through a difficult process of learning finance.

Then, maybe it was God, when I was ready, this club came out for sale, and investors believed in me and made a decision, and my British partners took our hand.

"It is a meaningful challenge for Korea to enter the governance structure for the first time, which has existed only on the periphery, and is the patron of European football. There were many bitter moments when I had to head from one to ten while living abroad for more than 10 years, watching how governments such as China, Russia, Israel, and the United States are actively helping private entrepreneurs to develop overseas markets.

"Even without any help, when I see only successful Koreans abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to all kinds of requests (to meet with important British government officials, please attend, donate, gift soccer ticket, player autograph, mentor, give a lecture, sports seminar Please make it, etc.) I did not refuse and cooperated. Today, ahead of the extended Chelsea takeover deadline, I received a tip that a gesture of support from the government would be helpful. I was asked to write a small, private application letter, but it was turned down.

"Are you uncomfortable? They were trying to escape under the pretext of trying to see if they would support the government in their home country, and they sent a request to Korea and withdrew their hands, knowing that today was the deadline. After Chelsea announced their intention to sell, about 500 offers were received from all over the world.

"The BBC and The Guardian also said that they were the ones that surprised them the most among the bidders, and are proud of the achievement of changing Korea's position in the European market as well as in the European soccer world.

 Even British reporters may have said that it was not in line with their work ethic to be neutral, but he said he wanted to tell me privately, he said he wanted to be me, and he gave me a lot of information and gave me a lot of information. Since this sale is a sale that also has political issues, it is a trillion-dollar acquisition and is a bid to change the governance structure of the 100-year-old club. I was one.

"The embassy asked for a letter expressing support because the bid had already been done on their own and the sales manager gave advice on supplementation, and the answer was 'inconvenient'. The UK government has frozen the assets of Russian club owners and is leading the sale, and the possibility of an acquisition is very high, as it prefers to acquire capital from a clean country rather than Saudi Arabia. In fact, he refused even when he said he thought he would do it.

"If you acquire Chelsea in London's golden land with Korean capital, you will set a flag in London at a symbolic base that Korea has never had in Europe. I don't think it was a private company action that the government should have drawn a line, nor did I ask the British government or companies to lobby for the bid to be possible. Rather, I see it as an act of neglecting one of the reasons why the mission is abroad.

"As of today, I am ending my relationship with the embassy. I want the Korean government to think about why all Koreans who have succeeded in the field turn their backs on them. If tomorrow is the end of my steps in the 2022 Chelsea takeover, the domestic soccer fans who would have expected a lot, and everyone who supported me, I am very sorry and sorry.

"his is also something I should have been prepared for because this country is a country where these kinds of people are civil servants, but I overlooked it, and there must have been a comfy thought, 'I've done something in the past'.

Usually, the element that the sales manager requests for supplementation is essential for successful bids, but if we fail because we fail to fill this last element, I feel sorry for the partners in the consortium who believed in me and held my hand. Ha... How did you get here? It's upsetting."

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