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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Todd Boehly revelation gives Chelsea the blueprint for Jurgen Klopp success under Thomas Tuchel

  Chelsea fans have been extremely protective of their manager Thomas Tuchel recently. Considering how he has handled the crazy rollerco...


Chelsea fans have been extremely protective of their manager Thomas Tuchel recently. Considering how he has handled the crazy rollercoaster within the last few weeks, I would expect nothing less. The Blues enter uncertain times and they need to keep every asset that they possibly can.

Whilst it's impossible to negotiate new contracts with the likes of Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, and Cesar Azpilicueta, they are able to hold on tight to Thomas Tuchel. I consider Tuchel to be Chelsea's greatest asset. The most important person in the team.

With Todd Boehly in pole position for the takeover of the club, the Blues will be grateful to have such a manager. Boehly's plans for the team run deeper than just spending money when necessary. He may give Chelsea fans a more effective way of building a squad and even give Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool a run for their money.

Reports from The Athletic have suggested that Todd Boehly's consortium will look to run Chelsea in a way that mimics Liverpool. The Reds have found their recent success with Jurgen Klopp and have built a squad that is strong enough to compete with the elite in European football.

While Liverpool were at their lowest ebb, FSG (Fenway Sporting Group) took over in 2010 and worked towards building a team that the world would come to fear. It may have taken eight years for the Reds to return to a Champions League final but subsequently, they won the elite European prize then went on to end their 30-year wait for another league title.

Patience doesn't quite sit well in the Chelsea fan's vocabulary. The Blues have not needed to have patience with the ruthlessness of Roman Abramovich. If something wasn't going their way, Abramovich was quick to fix it. A businessman with a football fan mentality. He wanted success and he wanted it quickly. Boehly has the means to replicate this kind of image but as Chelsea moves into a new era, they must leave certain things in the past in order to move forward.

"Sources talk about the Todd Boehly consortium running Chelsea similarly to how FSG operates at Liverpool," writes Simon Johnson of The Athletic. "FSG still makes major transfers but works far more within the club’s means. Boehly is not trying to buy the club to take it backward, though.

"People talk of Todd Boehly as a very data-driven man, someone who believes in the analytics of a player. The suggestion is Chelsea will not necessarily be chasing the most expensive names but looking for the right fit. It’s not what you spend but how you spend it."

The big transfer names in Chelsea's history haven't always gone to plan. Starting with Andriy Shevchenko, right through to Fernando Torres, Alvaro Morata, Kepa Arrizabalaga, and of course Romelu Lukaku, they haven't always got it right.

Some argue that a need for a footballing director was necessary, others were happy buying the flashy items in the market. This is the right time for Chelsea to exercise this new option that may come with Boehly. Thomas Tuchel could possibly replicate Jurgen Klopp's legacy and maybe do it better.

This is his opportunity to do so. Klopp has managed to make Liverpool one of the most formidable teams in the world. Not because he signed big names, but because he had a plan, a system, and knew the players that could make it work. Mohamed Salah was not expected to become one of the best players in the world during his years at Chelsea. Yet just two years after Salah left the Blues, Jurgen Klopp made it possible.

I see Tuchel as a pot of gold that Chelsea found at the end of a rainbow. Frank Lampard's tenure was supposed to be bright and coloured in glory, but instead, when it ended, the Blues struck gold. Despite the reluctance to accept the end of Abramovich's reign, it is a similar position that Chelsea find themselves in yet again.

Tuchel has the means to use the facilities around him and make something out of nothing. The same way Klopp can. It's no wonder the two Germans have been compared and debated across the span of their careers. Thomas Tuchel has already had the foundations laid for him, something Jurgen Klopp was not so fortunate to have.

He has a team that has won the Champions League, Super Cup, Club World cup and has been to two Wembley finals with him. He doesn't need another big-name signing. He just needs the right players to fit the plans that he currently has with this team. On top of that, he needs patience from the board too.

Ownership under Todd Boehly will gift him with both. Fans have been crying for a long-term manager right? This is as good as we could have ever possibly imagined. The right manager under the right ownership at the right time. The future is bright.

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