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Monday, June 6, 2022

Christian Pulisic's Liverpool future must not depend on Chelsea to avoid Mohamed Salah disaster

  Keep calm ladies and gentlemen., the future of Christian Pulisic will be in safe hands. Whether or not it'll be in Chelsea's hands...


Keep calm ladies and gentlemen., the future of Christian Pulisic will be in safe hands. Whether or not it'll be in Chelsea's hands is a different story. It seems that Jurgen Klopp has reignited his pursuit for Christian Pulisic to join his team this summer.

The American is linked to Liverpool with hopes that he could fill the void that Sadio Mane will leave behind. It's no secret that Pulisic has been unhappy with his playing time this season. He's played the least amount of minutes this season than any other season in his career despite staying fit for the majority.

For any 23-year-old player, that would raise some concerns. Pulisic has been pictured to appear upset once substituted off for Chelsea's penultimate match of the season against Leicester.

 His father has also been cited by his tweets expressing his distaste for the lack of minutes that Thomas Tuchel is giving his son.

There are several contributing factors as to why Pulisic may not be entirely happy at Stamford Bridge, so I say let him go. Let him flourish elsewhere and restore that happiness. Even if it means Liverpool.

A major fear of many Chelsea fans is having a Mohamed Salah or Kevin De Bruyne repeat. Two players who the Blues had let go prematurely, only for them to go on and become two of the best players in the world today.

 Not only are they stealing the show on a European scale, but they are also key figures in dominating a Premier League competition that Chelsea have failed to win since 2017.

There's a fear the Christian Pulisic could become the next Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian left Chelsea at the age of 24. Before ending up at Liverpool, he played for Roma for two seasons then Jurgen Klopp picked him up to join the Liverpool bus.

As Pulisic sets himself to turn 24 in September, he will be eager to make some career-changing decisions in order to progress. It's not that he's an unfortunate player who just could not get the game time to make it at Chelsea like Salah.

He has had three seasons with the Blues to make it work, and it hasn't quite stuck. It's time for him to make a decision for himself.

Make no mistake, Christian Pulisic has given the Blues some clutch moments and tremendous performances especially in the 2020 Premier League restart period. However, this is the right time to make a crucial decision not just for Pulisic's future but also for Chelsea's.

Michy Batshuayi, Timoue Bakayoko, Marco van Ginkel. All players who had the potential to make it at Chelsea but didn't for one reason or the other. Until recently, Van Ginkel was still on the Chelsea payroll.

Batshuayi and Bakayoko still collect their cheques from the West Londoners despite spending up to 5 seasons on loan. We need to move past this way of doing business even with the fear of letting a player go, only for them to become World-Class sensations.

The Chelsea of old must not decide on Pulisic's future, otherwise, we'd continue on a rollercoaster of unexplainable decisions. The fan in me doesn't want to see Pulisic leave on such negative terms. The business-minded woman in me also believes that he will not leave, not whilst Chelsea have just acquired new American owners, no way.

On the other hand, the football fan in me is telling us to let him go. With two years left on his contract, a decision will need to be made fast to avoid a repeat of the contractual issues which we suffered from this season.

Take the gamble. He could become a World Class sensation, turn out to be another Batshuayi or could just be the same old talented Christian Pulisic in another club.

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